The Porsche Museum is a German automobile museum in Stuttgart, just outside Porsche Headquarters in Zuffenhausen. It is located on the site of Porsche. The original Porsche museum opened in 1976 close to the Porsche factory. It was a small museum with only 20 cars in exhibition. Porsche built the old museum with a stock of 300 cars, many in perfect condition and still in full driving order. The work for the new Porsche Museum began in 2003 and was created by the architects Delugan Meissl. Originally costs were set at 60 million euros but it was later confirmed that the actual costs hit 100 million euros. The new display area covers 80 exhibits, many of Porsches historical models, such as the Porsche 356, Porsche 550, Porsche 911, and Porsche 917. Here are my photos from a very nice day. Thank you, Porsche!

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