The Bürgenstock in Switzerland is a world-famous mountain 1,127.8 meters above the sea level located on the eponymous peninsula Bürgenstock, in the very center of Lake Lucerne (German: "Vierwaldstättersee"). Bürgenstock is also the name of a village located at 874 meters above the sea level on the same mountain. The village of Bürgenstock became famous in the media because Audrey Hepburn married Mel Ferrer at the Bürgenstock Chapel back in 1954. Other famous artists who spent their holidays on the Bürgenstock include Charlie Chaplin, Sergej Rachmaninow, Georges Simenon, Shirley MacLaine, and Yul Brynner. Also politicians, like Konrad Adenauer, Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, Kofi Annan and Golda Meir visited the Bürgenstock. The lookout point at the summit of the Bürgenstock offers an extraordinarily beautiful and famous view, for the mountain is almost entirely surrounded by Lake Lucerne. In 2002, the parties involved in South Sudan's civil war signed the Bürgenstock Agreement on the Bürgenstock. Later, in spring 2004, the Bürgenstock went political again, as it was site to negotiations between the Turkish and the Greek Cypriots on the problem of accession to the European Union. When I was there, in November 2013, construction works on the development for the Bürgenstock Resort were in full swing. The completion is planned for 2016. The State of Qatar's sovereign wealth fund is investing CHF 485 million for a luxury hotel (Park Hotel), a 4-star hotel (Palace Hotel) and a Medical Wellness hotel with a total of 400 rooms and 68 Residence Suites. Unfortunately I had no camera with me, so I shot with my Samsung Galaxy S3 only and I am quite satisfied with the result:

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